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SS304 Disc Type Latex Centrifuge Machine For Liquid Solid Separation

SS304 Disc Type Latex Centrifuge Machine For Liquid Solid Separation

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    Disc Type latex centrifuge


    SS304 latex centrifuge


    SS304 liquid solid centrifuge

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    12 Months
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    Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Field Installation,commissioning And Training,Video Technical Support,Field Maintenance And Repair Service
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    Stainless Steel,SS304
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    Easy Operation,PLC System
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    Separation Equipment
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    Centrifugal Separator
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    Industrial Centrifuge
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    Latex Centrifuge Machine
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SS304 Disc Type Latex Centrifuge Machine For Liquid Solid Separation

SS304 Latex Centrifuge Machine As Disc Type Centrifuge For Liquid Solid Separation


Product Description

To facilitate transportation and processing, natural rubber latex should be concentrated to the solid content of 60% by adopting the method of centrifugal or evaporation. so it also known as concentrated latex.
Latex separator model PDSLA-400/600 is suitable for concentrating and purifying of the natural latex.It can separate the latex into the cream and skim,as well as eliminate the solid impurities st the same time.

This model of separator is provided with the following advantages: inverter start-up, el.magnetic brake, short stoppin, and long effective separating time, large treatment capacity, good separating efficiency. It is really a excellent equipment for the latex production.

Model PDSLA-400/600
Rated capacity (L/h) 400-600
Motor power (kw) 11.0
Net Weight (kg) 1100
Gross Weight (kg) 1550
Dimension (L×W×H) 1260*930*1700
Dimension of package (L×W×H) 1570*1430*1900

Working Principle

The liquids and solids, which are, will be, due to the different sediment velocities to be gained, separated and sediment in the centrifuge and gravity force fields thus to reach the purpose of separation. The liquid phase and solid phase, which interactive indissoluble and with different densities in the turbid liquid will be gained different sediment velocities, so as to be divided into layers, which can be separated from each other. The separations that occur in the gravity field are called gravity separation and sedimentation in the centrifuge field called centrifugal separation and sedimentation.

SS304 Disc Type Latex Centrifuge Machine For Liquid Solid Separation 0Gravity Separation When the turbid liquid is in the sediment pool, the solids with bigger density sediments slowly in the gravitational fields by the gravity, finely the turbid liquid will become clearer and clearer. The liquid with smaller density will float on the top. For gravitational separation, it will take long time and more floor space occupied, especially, for the of the liquid with solid and liquid small differ and big stickiness, gravitational separation of it is difficult to be realized.


Centrifuge Separation The indissoluble liquids and solids with different densities will be separated while they are rotated at a high speed in the bowl, where the particles with heavier density move to the inside wall of bowl body, the lighter liquid toward the center of the bowl. Because the centrifugal force generated in the centrifuge fields in much larger than the gravity force, it takes only very short time for the centrifuge separation to achieve the same separation efficiency in the gravity fields. Especially when the gravity separation cannot be available, the application of best method is by centrifuge separation.


Separation space There is a stack of discs installed in the bowl, which divide the bowl space into many conical cavities. That can shorten the sedimentation distance and improve the separation efficiency. The moving trace of the limit particle “A” occurs between the discs (conical cavity). Any particles between A and B can reach the inside of the discs through this passage section thus to be separated off.


Separation Methods As per the requirements of application, this machine can separate the fresh latex into light phase (latex), heavy phase (residual latex) and a bit of solid phase. This separator has one inlet and two outlets in it.


SS304 Disc Type Latex Centrifuge Machine For Liquid Solid Separation 1

The natural latex is from rubber tree, milk white , solid content is 30%~40%, and the average diameter of solid is 1.06um. The fresh natural latex contain latex 27%~41.3%(m/m), water 44%~70%, protein 0.2%~4.5%, natural resin 2%~5%, saccharides 0.36%~4.2% and ash 0.4% .



1. Inverter start-up

2. El.magnetic brake

3. Short stopping-and long effective separating time

4. Large treatment capacity

5. Good separating efficiency

SS304 Disc Type Latex Centrifuge Machine For Liquid Solid Separation 2

More Introduce



Through an enclosed line system the latex will be fed into initial container of the separator;the liquid level maintains constant by means of floating.Feeding rate can be adjusted by raising or lowing the floating.



The frame of separator is equipped with magnetic brake,machine brake tachometer for control the speed of bowl and level inspection glass. The separator is driven by motor installed by means of friction pad and power transferred to bowl through

centrifugal friction clutch. All bearing and gears are flush lubrication used oil from oil groove on the frame.The hood is fixed on the frame by four turning press unit,feeder unit with floating fixed on initial container of top of hood by adjustable

press unit.



Magnetic brake that installed on upper section of frame consists of six magnetic coils.It can brake bowl in

short time(≤four mins).

Acting of the brake indicated by pilot light,the bowl also can be broken with machine brake during power

broken.The acting of machine brake is upon horizontal axes.

SS304 Disc Type Latex Centrifuge Machine For Liquid Solid Separation 3


After sales

*12 months guarantee period from machine arriving date.
*Abundant spare parts in stock are availble to provide.
*Our technicians could be dispatched for overseas service.
*7*24 hours technical consultation.
*Your workers could get trained both in our factory and yours.
*Routine tracing till the machine work properly will be done timely.
*We will remind you to do the normal maintenance.
*Your suggestions or any comments & reflection would be treated in priority.
*Marketing team will visit you during our visit to your country if you require.

SS304 Disc Type Latex Centrifuge Machine For Liquid Solid Separation 4

Disc Centrifuge SS304 Latex Rubber Disc Type Centrifuge Liquid Solid Separation

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