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Automatic Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction

Automatic Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction

  • High Light

    Automatic Decanter Centrifuges


    Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges


    Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction

  • Product Name
    Automatic Large Capacity Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuge For Extraction
  • MOC
    SS304, SS316L, DSS
  • Bearing
  • Operation
  • Structure
  • Flight
    TC Spray Or Tiled
  • Speed Control
    Double Inverter
  • Automatic Degree
    Full Automatic
  • Separation
    Solid-liquid Separation
  • Length Ratio Rate
    More Than 4
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD30000-125000/SET FOB SHANGHAI
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packing
  • Delivery Time
    75-90 days
  • Payment Terms
    TT, LC, west union
  • Supply Ability
    100 sets per month

Automatic Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction

Automatic Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges Calcium Carbonate Dewatering Machine


LW Sedimentation Centrifuge is a horizontal, continuously working, and spiral discharging sedimentation centrifuge. It is used in a variety of industries for separating all kinds of solid-liquid suspension, defecating liquid phase with graded grains, and dehydrating sludge such as polyoxyethylene, strontium sulfate, titanium pigment, ore porcelain, clay, kaolin, diatomite, amylum, soybean protein earthnut protein, syrup, beverage, vegetable oil, citric acid scavenge oil purification, cleansing water purification, lees, fat, blood powder, sludge from power plants, sludge from printing and dyeing, sludge from papermaking, sludge from desulfurizing natural gas, calcium carbide sludge, activated sludge ammonia sludge, sludge from washing cars, alum sludge, drilling mud, coal flotation waste, cryolite flotation liquid.

Technical parameters
Automatic Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction 0


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This machine is a countercurrent horizontal spiral discharging and settling centrifuge (horizontal screw centrifuge or centrifugal dehydrator for short), and the main machine is composed of a column and cone drum, spiral discharging device, differential, bearing seat, frame, housing, main and auxiliary motors, and electrical system. Its working principle is the suspension after the feed pipe and spiral discharging mouth into the drum, under the effects of the centrifugal force at high speed, a high proportion of solid phased particles deposited on the inner wall of the drum, the drum for relative motion of the helical blade will continuously of solid phased particles deposited on the drum wall scraping, spiral pusher of solid phased particles will scrape the specially designed the structure of the two-way extrusion

Automatic Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction 1Automatic Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction 2Automatic Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction 3

Main advantages
1. Continuous feeding, separating, and discharging
2. Low energy consumption application
3. Simple operation and easy maintenance


Property Description
Drive type Dual drive.Two motors, belt connection
Frequency inverters Dual-frequency inverters, ABB, SAMCO, or equivalent brand
Bearing SKF or NSK imported
Bowl material SS304/SS316L/DSS2205 with centrifugal casting/forging
Scroll material SS304/SS316L
Screw conveyor SS304/SS316L
Screw distribution SS304/SS316L
Flights material SS304/SS316L
Feeding nozzle SS304/SS316L
The big and small end SS304/SS316L/DSS2205 with forging
Top lid material SS304/SS316L
Frame material CS with painting
Paint system Epoxy paint 25-35um,2nd coating
Gearbox Planetary /cycloidal
Screw TC sprayed /flight tiled
Pond depth adjustment Weir plates
Differential speed adjustable
Control panel CS with painting
Bowl discharge outlets Ceramic plates/hardened plates, replaceable
Protection class IP54/IP55
O ring and Gasket Viton/Buna N
Lubrication-bearing Manual grease lubrication
Lubrication-gearbox Manual lubricant (grease)
Certificates supply Material certificates
Bowl/conveyor detecting report
Welding report
Heat treatment report
Balancing report
Commissioning report with empty and water load


Control box SS panel
With PLC
Sensors Temperature, vibration, noise, etc.
Solid discharge 360 degree
Drive type Second motor direct connection with coupling

Basic principles

For the auto decanter centrifuges stable performance sludge dewatering separator, the continuous feeding, separating, and discharging can be realized as it rotates at its full speed. It is characterized by compact structure, easy obturation, smooth running, low noises, large handling capacity, low energy consumption, high automation, small working strength, simple operation and easy maintenance, and wide applications.


1. Feeding pipe 2. Discharge screw 3. Drum 4. Casing 5. Differential mechanism

Automatic Ex Proof Decanter Centrifuges For Extraction 4

Working principle

The drum and the spiral feeder rotate in the same direction but with a certain speed difference; the material

is led into the feeding spiral inner cylinder via the feeding pipe and, after speeding up, enters the drum; under the action of the centrifugal force field, the relatively heavier solid-phase material deposits on the drum wall forming the residue layer; the solid-phase residue is continuously pushed by the spiral feeder to the conic end of the drum and, after dehydration in the drying area, is discharged out of the machine. The machine is capable of continuous feeding, separating, dehydrating, and discharging under full-speed running.


Client Working Site


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