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Vertical Top Suspended Peeler Centrifuge Machine For Dextrose Glucose

Vertical Top Suspended Peeler Centrifuge Machine For Dextrose Glucose

  • High Light

    basket type centrifuge


    bag lifting centrifuge

  • Application
    Food, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Light Industry, Etc
  • Operation
  • MOC
  • Bearing
    SKF, NSK As Optional
  • Discharge Type
    Scraper Discharge
  • Control Box
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
    USD100000-210000/set FOB Shanghai
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packings
  • Delivery Time
    Regular 30-45 working days after deposit is received
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    50 sets/month

Vertical Top Suspended Peeler Centrifuge Machine For Dextrose Glucose


Vertical Top Suspended Peeler Scraper Centrifuge Machine For DMH



Working Principle


The top-suspended Motor Centrifuge is composed of drum, driving system, bearing seat, upper housing, out housing, lower shaft, scraper group and etc. Its structure adopts top located transmission system, vertical motor provide the driving of drum through the coupling directly and the drum is fixed on the lower end of the shaft. The working principle of the top suspended motor centrifuge:
The motor drives drum to turn. When drum reaches feeding speed, the suspension products to be separated will enter into the drum on a high speed from the feeding pipe. Feeding will stop when the preset volume is reached. Then the speed of the drum will be raised for separating. Under the centrifugal force, the products will be filtered by filter cloth(filter screen). The liquid phase will be thrown through the rotary drum hole to the empty chamber and discharged through the liquid discharging pipe. The solid phase will be retained on the drum and form cylindrical filter cakes which can be washed. After the requirements for separating is met, the speed will be lowered for discharging.
Housing of the drum moves downwards along the axial direction. The scraper device acts to scrape the filter cakes off the internal wall of the drum and discharge them from the discharging port on the bottom of the centrifuge.




1. The centrifuge adopts frequency motor driving and full-automatic repetitive operation. During the automatic repetitive operations, the optimized operation is realized through frequency stepless speed control so that the requirements of low speed discharging are met.
2. The centrifuge adopts dynamic or regenerative breaking to achieve obvious efficiency effects.
3. The electric control is realized by PLC. Time setting can be carried out for all working procedures and the real-time working status of each procedure can be displayed on the operation screen.
4. Product contact parts of centrifuge are made of austenitic stainless steel(according to users' requirements) to ensure cleanliness and sanitation during the production process.
5. The structure of centrifuge adopts compact structure and stable running.
6. Higher production capacity, automation and speed, better separation efficiency, lower noise and labor intensity.



The top-suspended centrifuge has a wide application range, like starch of fine granules and sugar of middle roughness granules. It is widely used for edible sugar, glucose, A-massecuite, dicalcium phosphate, monosodium glutamate, boric acid, borax, calcium carbonate, starch, potassium chlorate, gypsum and other materials in chemical industry, light industry, pharmacy, etc.




According to different discharging methods for different products, the top-mounted motor centrifuges include two types as follows:
If the solid grain is relatively fine with relatively dense texture. The drum can adopt cylindrical bucket structure. The products can be scraped off the drum wall through radial and axial movements of the scraper and discharged. It is "XJZ" model.
If the solid grain is relatively rough with relatively sparse texture. The rotary drum adopts conical structure. From the low speed to zero speed, the products can be loosened by inertia and discharged by gravity. It is “XZ” model.



model Drum Inside Dia. Speed Separating Factor
XJZ1300 1300mm 1200rpm 1090
XJZ1320 1320mm 1300/1450rpm 1240/1550
XJZ1600 1600mm 1100rpm 1085
XJZ1700 1700mm 1100rpm 1138
XJZ1800 1800mm 1000rpm 1007
XZ1250 1250mm 960rpm 660
XZ1320 1320mm 1300rpm 1250





Vertical Top Suspended Peeler Centrifuge Machine For Dextrose Glucose 0

Vertical Top Suspended Peeler Centrifuge Machine For Dextrose Glucose 1

Vertical Top Suspended Peeler Centrifuge Machine For Dextrose Glucose 2



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