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Plate Top Discharge Basket Type Centrifuge , Solid Liquid Separation PPTD

Plate Top Discharge Basket Type Centrifuge , Solid Liquid Separation PPTD

  • High Light

    oil centrifuge machine


    virgin coconut oil centrifuge machine

  • Application
    Chemical, Pharmacy, Food, Light Industry
  • MOC
    SS304,316 As Option
  • Speed Control
    Inverter (optional)
  • Base
    Platform With Vibration Absorber
  • Operation
  • Discharge Type
    Top Discharge
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001& ISO14001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
    pls contact me
  • Packaging Details
    Standard wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    60 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    100sets per month

Plate Top Discharge Basket Type Centrifuge , Solid Liquid Separation PPTD

Plate Top Discharge Basket Type Centrifuge , Solid Liquid Separation,PPTD




1) No-base installation, without traditional tripod type hanging structure and simplifies the installation process
2) Reasonable design and new and simple structure
3) Basic platform is the work operation platform
4) Reduced labor and high efficiency
5) Simple operations and easy cleaning
6) Outside and inside surface of rotary drum is polished
7) All of fasteners are made of stainless steel
8) Transmission section is sealed with stainless steel
9) Airtight packing is made of silicone rubber
10) Equipped with CIP system, the whole machine meets GMP hygienic standards
11) Imported high-viscosity liquid damping agent shock isolator ensures that no vibrations will affect the base of the unit, the ground and neighboring equipment
12) Outer case has a fully opening cover
13) Especially suitable for solid-liquid separation of poisonous, harmful mediums
14) With open-cover, overheating, overloading and over-current protection
15) Full sealing, explosion-proof and very clean
16) Adopts explosion motor frequency driving and static-proof V-belt
17) When equipped with nitrogen protection, the machine is suitable for solid-liquid separation of combustibles or explosi




Type Drum





Overall size

(L × W × H)










PPTD-10 300 5 10 2500 1050 1.1 180 890 × 600 × 500
PPTD-25 450 20 25 1900 910 1.5 250 980 × 650 × 870
PPTD-50 600 40 50 1500 756 3 800 1300 × 880 × 900
PPTD-135 800 100 135 1200 645 5.5 1300 1800 × 1200 × 1140
PPTD-135-NA 800 100 135 1500 1008 7.5 1300 1800 × 1200 × 1140
PPTD-200 1000 150 200 1000 560 7.5 2000 2050 × 1500 × 1220
PPTD-200-NA 1000 150 200 1200 706 11 2000 2050 × 1500 × 1220
PPTD-300 1200 250 300 800 431 11 2500 2350 × 1650 × 1370




Plate Top Discharge Basket Type Centrifuge , Solid Liquid Separation PPTD 0Plate Top Discharge Basket Type Centrifuge , Solid Liquid Separation PPTD 1








It is applicable to the filtrating of suspension containing granules and can also be used for the ne granules as well as toxic and flammable materials. It has found wide applications in such trades as chemical, pharmacy, food, light industry, etc. for example: gypsum, thiamine, mirabilite, ferric sulfate, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, potassium chloride, acetic acid, borax, soda, rubber additive, dye, plastic raw material, soap, grease, all kinds of resins, food salt, sodium glutamate, food additives, starch sugar-making, vitamins, antibiotics, herbicide, insecticide, the dehydration of such mineral fines as copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.




Peony Centrifuge has been dedicated to producing machinery and equipments and carrying out facility construction, pursuing the best quality and producing the best product at the same time.
We are committed to reward you with a better quality in return for our interest in and faith toward.
We will do our utmost for one more stepping forward, based on our infinite services and trust to customers.



Working steps


1. System loading: A pre-loaded closed filter bag is placed into the basket.

2. Program Menu: The 'Spray Wash' or 'Agitation Wash' program is selected on the HMI where the RPM and cycle times are set to the operator’s specifications.

3. Fill: Alcohol is connected from source tank into the centrifuge.

4. The Wash cycle: The plant material undergoes an agitated wash with a set number of bi-directional agitations

5. System Draining: When the wash cycle is complete, the outlet valve is manually opened and theliquid drained. The alcohol wash is pumped to a properly rated storage reservoir for further processing.

6. Spin Dry Cycle: The 'Spin Dry' menu is selected on the HMI and the drying cycle is started. The wet plant solids are spun dry of the remaining alcohol mixture within.

7. System Unloading: Upon completion of the 'Dry cycle', centrifuge is unloaded by taking the filter bag out from the basket.

8. Repeat Process.


Our Service


1. 12 months guarantee period from machine arriving date.
2. Abundant spare parts in stock are available to provide.
3. Our technicians could be dispatched for overseas service.
4. 7*24 hours technical consultation.
5. Your workers could get trained both in our factory and yours.
6. Routine tracing till the machine work properly will be done timely.
7. We will remind you to do the normal maintenance.
8. Your suggestions or any comments & reflection would be treated in priority.
9. Marketing team will visit you during our visit in your country if you require.



Our Certifications


Plate Top Discharge Basket Type Centrifuge , Solid Liquid Separation PPTD 2


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