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Shipment to Australia

October 8, 2015



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Model PDSD14000 separator is mainly used to remove water and mechanical impurities from diesel oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oil in marine diesel engine unit and land-used diesel generator unit of power station so as to reduce wear of the diesel engine and other machine, and prolong engine life. The model is also used to separate two unsolvable liquids with different specific gravity or remove small amount of solid particle from liquid.



1. Moisture sensor (No-gravity ring) technology is adopted to ensure the quality of the oil after separation.
2. Bowl with full hydraulic structure brings more thorough slag discharge, more stable and reliable performance.
3. The new type seamless belt drive (No second tensioning required) brings more reliable structure and more simplified mechanical structure.
4. High rotating speed ensure the best separation effect.
5. Our separator is with low power consumption and light weight, which is in accordance with the requirements of the national industry.