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Company News About cannabis centrifuge-hemp oil extraction

cannabis centrifuge-hemp oil extraction

cannabis centrifuge-hemp oil extraction

Peony developed a new stype PPTD centrifuge ,specialized in hemp oil extraction,plant oil extraction,cannabis oil with ethanol soap.



·304 and 316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Construction

·Low temperature rating: -40c

·Reinforced Sight Glass

·Bi-Directional Agitation

·Auto/Manual Controls

·Digital HMI Interface

·Variable Speed Control

·Easy Material Loading/Unloading

·Heavy-Duty Spin Drying

·No foundation required



Operator fills filter bag with milled plant material and places it in the machine.

  • The centrifuge is then flooded, and bi-directionally agitated for full target compound removal.
  • After the wash, the plant material undergoes a medium duty spin dry till high speed spin dry to remove the liquid as much as possible.
  • The alcohol wash is then collected to some container for further processing
  1. System loading: A pre-loaded closed filter bag is placed into the basket
  2. Program Menu: The “Spray Wash” or “Agitation Wash” program is selected on the HMI where the RPM and cycle times are set to the operator’s specifications.
  3. Fill: Alcohol is connected from source tank into the centrifuge.
  4. The Wash cycle: The plant material undergoes an agitated wash with a set number of bi-directional agitations
  5. System Draining: When the wash cycle is complete, the outlet valve is manually opened and the liquid drained. The alcohol wash is pumped to a properly rated storage reservoir for further processing.
  6. Spin Dry Cycle: The “Spin Dry” menu is selected on the HMI and the drying cycle is started. The wet plant solids are spun dry of the remaining alcohol mixture within.
  7. System Unloading: Upon completion of the “Dry cycle ,centrifuge is unloaded by taking the filter bag out from the basket.
  8. Repeat Process.
  1. Ex proof motor
  2. PTFE Seals
  3. Touch screen panel with PLC program
  4. Inverter control box
  5. On spot ex button
  6. Closed type filter bags

     7.Tri clamp fittings for feed and drain port

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