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About the Remembrance Day in UK

November 9, 2015

Every year on November 11, is the British commonwealth countries and to commemorate the war martyrs of important festivals "memorial Day" .Initially, the anniversary of king George v founded in November 1919, to commemorate the first world war in 1918, on November 11 at 11 ceasefire, but then the festival commemorate range also covers other warrior died in the war. 


Normally, the UK and the commonwealth countries in November 11, one to two minutes of silence ceremony, played martial music and military patriotic verses.In addition, people also travel to martyrs cemetery, the monument, memorial square, etc to the martyr lay wreaths, pray for them, singing, and even a vigil.


On this day, war memorial sites around the UK hold activities, these activities often around the distribution in the UK branch of the royal legion.The agency is designed specifically for British veterans and their families to provide funds and social and emotional support of charity.


British military and government agencies around the leadership, veterans, military, religious organizations, boy scout team will attend commemorative events and people.In addition to the a moment of silence, some memorial places will have cannons.Invitation to mourn the enterprises and institutions will have its own staff or customers to participate in activities together.


Why is the "poppy"

This tradition originated in the first world war of words and sentences of the poem "in Flanders fields" : "in Flanders fields, poppy a line and a line with the breeze, bloom between of the regression of the cross, that's our territory... to continue fighting, you took the torch from our low in let it light, light color changed if you broke with the deceased's covenant we will never print. If poppy still bloom, in Flanders fields".


This poem was written by a Canadian doctor John McRae.That year, he witnessed just 22 years old comrades died in the war, on May 3, in 1915 created the poem.In December, the poem published in the British London fortnightly journal of Punch.Because of this poem, Flanders fields in full bloom red poppy has become the memory of martyrs of the day you wear flowers.