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Automatic Centrifuge Filter System Microalgae Dewatering Centrifuge Oil Filters

Automatic Centrifuge Filter System Microalgae Dewatering Centrifuge Oil Filters

  • High Light

    Self cleaning Separator


    centrifuge filter system

  • Machine Type
    Microalgae Dewatering Centrifuge Separator
  • Type
    Algae Dewatering
  • Automatic Degree
    Fully Automatic
  • Bowl Material
  • Separation
    Solid-liquid Separation
  • Product Type
    Separation Equipment
  • Phase
    2 Phase
  • Operation
    Easy And Convenient
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packing
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    TT, LC
  • Supply Ability
    100sets per month

Automatic Centrifuge Filter System Microalgae Dewatering Centrifuge Oil Filters

Model PDSM-CN Automatic Centrifugal Separator Microalgae Dewatering Centrifuge Separator



Brief introduction


Model PDSM20000-CN separator is mainly used to remove water and algae such as Spirulina,green algae etc, which is very fine even can not be visible by eye. With high G-force during the running, the separator could get the concentration liquid with algae about 10%. The machine adopts automatic control, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low oil consumption, convenient operation and economic maintenance cost.The sludge is discharged automatically and fully.
The machine is one kind of rotary machine with high speed, After accurate dynamic balancing, it can run for long time with low vibration, safety and security.
The design, product and acceptance are conformed to the standard of GB/T5745 “Disc Separator”.

Separation theorem: 

The mixture fluid to be processed are fed to the bowl from feeding pipe, under the effects of centrifugal force, he solids which has heavier density collects on the bowl wall .it include jams and impurities, collected in sediment holding space. After a while, the separated soilds are ejected from the bowl at controlling of control box. the intervals at which de-slugging have to take place depend on the quality of the mixture fluid. De-slugging include automatic de-slugging, total de-slugging, partial de-slugging. 


Normally customer don't need total de-slugging, put up partial de-slugging under the condition of effects of automatic de-slugging are bad, the interval between two partial de-slugging is up to two minutes, and electric current is normal. Then re-establish the automatic de-slugging interval. The lighter products (lower density) flow along the inner side of the discs into the passage in the upper distributor, the lighter product is discharged from the machine by the centrifugal pump. Thus the mixture fluid is separated well, the centrifuge adopts self de-slugging and centripetal pump. Thus the machine can work continuously for a long time, attain good separation effects in long run. 

Automatic Centrifuge Filter System Microalgae Dewatering Centrifuge Oil Filters 0
Main technical parameters



Motor power

Discharging type

Output pressure of clear liquid

Net weight

Overall dimension
L × W × H (mm)

PDSM20000-CN 20000 22 Variable capacity discharging ≤0.2 1580 1479 × 1289 × 1583


Installation Notice

1. When install the separator, make sure there is enough space around the machine for its maintenance and repairing.
2. The foundation must be firm,plan and leveling.
3. All the pipes connecting with separator should be flexible.
4. The operation water of the separator must be soft water, the pressure of which is between 0.025MPa and 0.03MPa.
Reference Drawing

Automatic Centrifuge Filter System Microalgae Dewatering Centrifuge Oil Filters 1Automatic Centrifuge Filter System Microalgae Dewatering Centrifuge Oil Filters 2





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