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Stainless Steel Disc Stack Centrifuges Separator For Cassava Corn Wheat Starch

Stainless Steel Disc Stack Centrifuges Separator For Cassava Corn Wheat Starch

  • High Light

    disk stack centrifuge


    disc bowl centrifuge

  • Application
    Wheat Starch,corn Starch,cassava Starch
  • Purpose
    Dewatering, Extraction, Gluten
  • Structure
  • Technical Service
    All Life Free Charge
  • National Producing Standard
    GB T5745
  • Type
  • Discharge
    Nozzle Discharge
  • Operation
  • Voltage
  • MOC
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    Standard export packing
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    100sets per month

Stainless Steel Disc Stack Centrifuges Separator For Cassava Corn Wheat Starch

Stainless Steel Disc Stack Centrifuges Separator For Cassava Corn Wheat Starch



1.Starch,including wheat starch,corn starch,cassava starch,potato starch

2.Wheat starch needs the disc separators to help the process to separate starch A,starch B and gluten whatever use traditional Martines or 3phase tricanter process..as corn starch as said,it needs disc separator to exact it into the requested Baumé degree,

3.Peony disc separators have various kinds of models to work in such starch separation and extraction stage.

4.Plant starch has been used as a source of raw material for high-quality starch. Today, consumption of fresh water and energy play a more important role in starch applications.

Competitive Advantages

  • Food hygiene
  • MOC:Stainless steel
  • complied with JB/T6419 "Disc StarchSeparator
  • Continuous operation

Technical Parameters




Capacity (L/h)



Motor power (KW)



Discharging type

Nozzle continually discharging

Nozzle continuous 

Output pressure of clear liquid (MPa)



Net weigh (KG)



Overall dimension

 L(mm) × W(mm) × H(mm)

1370 × 1015 × 1550



Working Principle

PDSS type separator is mainly consists the feed device, rotating drum, cover, the body,horizontal shaft, vertical shaft, ground water pump, machine base, motor and other components.

When the rotating drum running a high speed, when the material enter into the disc separation area through the feeding pump (1), under the action of the centrifugal force field, the starch particles slip to the inside wall of the drum, discharged from the nozzle(2),and the light phase like protein and others will collect to the drum center, discharged out of the machine via centripetal pump(3).The machine has a washing bottom pump, the washing water into the drum from the vertical center hole(4), it is used for washing the yellow paste of the starch material, and effectively improve the quality of starch.
Wheat starch process chart
Stainless Steel Disc Stack Centrifuges Separator For Cassava Corn Wheat Starch 0

In the flow chart, the 3 phase decanter is mainly used for separate starch A, B starch gluten and gluten. At present, this 3 phase decanter is mainly produced by FLOTTWEG/WESTFALIA and other foreign centrifuge manufacturers.

On this wheat starch production line, we can supply the wheat starch "B" concentration and dewatering equipment-Disc separator and decanter centrifuge

Wheat starch“B”waste :1.5-3Be‘

After the nozzle separator treatment, the underflow concentration is 3-10 Be‘

after concentration and dewatering, the solid content is about 45%.
Stainless Steel Disc Stack Centrifuges Separator For Cassava Corn Wheat Starch 1

  • Application:
  • wheat starch,
  • cornstarch, 
  • sweet potato starch, 
  • cassava starch
  • potato starch, 
  • bleaching earth
  • recovering pulp



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