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PDSV Low Noise Automatic Separator-Centrifuge / Biodiesel Oil Separator

PDSV Low Noise Automatic Separator-Centrifuge / Biodiesel Oil Separator

  • High Light

    oil separator centrifuge


    bag lifting centrifuge

  • Machine Type
    Biodiesel Oil Separator
  • Automatic Degree
    Fully Automatic
  • Application1
    Formic Ester Separation, Washing
  • Application2
    Glycerol Separation
  • Application3
    Catalytic Agent Separation
  • Product Type
    Separation Equipment
  • Sanitary Degree
  • Bearing
  • Discharge
    Automatic Discharge
  • Operation
    Easy And Convenient
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packing
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    TT, LC
  • Supply Ability
    100sets per month

PDSV Low Noise Automatic Separator-Centrifuge / Biodiesel Oil Separator

PDSV Low Noise Automatic Separator-Centrifuge / Biodiesel Oil Separator

Bio-diesel oil is green reborn energy, which achieved by the reaction between alcohol (methanol, ethanol ) and fat crop like soy and rapeseed, fat forest fruit like oil palm and yellow wood, fat water vegetable like algae, and also animal fat, wasted edible oil.Bio-diesel oil is used as fuel, being excellent replacement for petroleum diesel oil.Bio-diesel oil is typical "green energy". Which good for the economy continuously developing, and has important strategic meaning at improving energy replacement, reducing environment pressure, controlling the atmospheric pollution.
PBDSD Biodiesel Centrifuges automatic discharging type which special for bio diesel oil. It has the traits of high rotation speed, stable operation, complete. Sealing at the inlet and outlet system, low noise, excellent separation effect, and etc.
Its centripetal pump is designed  by ourselves which as the traits of stable outlet pressure, large regulation range, easy to operate and etc. Also this separator is specially designed automatic control cabinet with safety protection device, and fitted with advanced automatic vibration. 
Detector that can inspect the vibrating number of separator and time. Operator can adjust the parameters of separator on the display screen directly, which makes the separation and discharging reach to the best effect. This machine is widely used in degumming, de-soap, water washing, glycerin separation of bio-diesel oil.
1. Separation of methyl ester and glycerine / catalyst / soap / methanol
2. Washing of methyl ester
3. Separation of fatty acids from glycerine

The separator incorporate the very latest developments in centrifuge construction. The centrifuge is specially designed for use in the production of biodiesel and is particularly suitable in separating of glycerol from methylesters after esterification and transesterification reactions. The design conforms to a number of GB JB/T8103 (national standards) directives, and machine is made in accordance with the general directives formachinery.





Capacity (L/h)


2500 (60TPD)


Motor power (Kw)




Discharging type

Part discharging

Part discharging /Manual discharging

Part discharging 


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PDSV Low Noise Automatic Separator-Centrifuge / Biodiesel Oil Separator 0PDSV Low Noise Automatic Separator-Centrifuge / Biodiesel Oil Separator 1PDSV Low Noise Automatic Separator-Centrifuge / Biodiesel Oil Separator 2





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