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Vegetable Oil Separator - Centrifuge / Automatic Oil Refining Separator

Vegetable Oil Separator - Centrifuge / Automatic Oil Refining Separator

  • High Light

    oil separator centrifuge


    bag lifting centrifuge

  • Product Name
    Vegetable Oil Separator
  • Discharging Type
    Part Discharging
  • Rated Capacity
  • Motor Power
  • N.W.
  • Overall Size (L × W × H)
    1355mm × 945mm × 1388mm
  • Application1
    Water Washing
  • Application2
  • Application3
  • Product Type
    Separation Equipment
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    Standard wooden case
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    TT, LC
  • Supply Ability
    60sets per month

Vegetable Oil Separator - Centrifuge / Automatic Oil Refining Separator

Vegetable Oil Separator - Centrifuge / Automatic Oil Refining Separator



Features of Products and Applications

PDSV series automatic discharging separator is special equipment for oil and fat refining, it has the traits such as high rotating speed, operating stability, completely sealed up of the inlet and outlet system, lower noise and fine separating effect. Centripetal pump system designed by our professional designer has the trails such as stability outlet pressure, large regulating sphere and operating easily.
Also this series separator has professional automatic domination case with safety protection device, advanced automatic vibrating testing instrument can view vibrating number at any time. We can make separating and discharging to the best affection from regulate separating parameter directly at the screen.
This machine is widely used in degum, de-soap and water washing technology in vegetable oil refinery. It can also be used for refining of animal oil and mineral oil, and liquid-liquid and liquid-solid separations of light industry, chemical industry, medicine and food industry. PDSV series are used in pigment separating.




Model PDSV separator is mainly used to remove off the soap-stocks, blue and from the vegetable oil during oil refining process, It is also used to the similar feed stock of liquid-liquid-solid three phase materials.
The machine adopts automatic control, it has the advantage of high efficiency, low material consumption, convenient operation and economic maintenance cost.
The heavy phase liquid and light phase liquid are pumped out by centripetal pump. The sludge is discharged automatically and partly.
The machine is one kind of rotary machine with high speed, after accurate dynamic balancing, it can run for long time with low vibration, safety and security.



Main Technical Specification ofModel PDSV1500-P


Discharging type Part discharging
Rated capacity l/h 1500-2000
Motor power kw 7.5(380V/50Hz/3P)
N.W. kg 926
Overall Size (L × W × H) mm 1355 × 945 × 1388



Installation Notice


1. For maintenance and repair, please leave enough space around the separator when install it.
2. The installation base should be firm and level.
3. All the pipes connecting with the separator should be flexible.
4. The operation water of the separator must be soft water, the pressure of which should between 0.025Mpa and 0.03Mpa.
Reference Drawing
Vegetable Oil Separator - Centrifuge / Automatic Oil Refining Separator 0Vegetable Oil Separator - Centrifuge / Automatic Oil Refining Separator 1




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