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Industrial Separation Equipment / Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges For Sludge Dewatering

Industrial Separation Equipment / Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges For Sludge Dewatering

  • High Light

    drilling mud decanter centrifuge


    solid liquid centrifuge

  • Condition
  • Type
    Decanter Centrifuge
  • Product Type
  • MOC
    SS304, SS316, DSS
  • Model Number
  • Power(W)
  • Voltage
  • Gearbox Torque
    3.5KNm, 5KNm
  • PLC
  • Warranty
    12 Months
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    Standard wooden case
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    60sets per month

Industrial Separation Equipment / Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges For Sludge Dewatering


Industrial Separation Equipment / Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges For Sludge Dewatering


Product Description 
Decanter centrifuge is a horizontal, continuously working and continuously spiral discharging sedimentation centrifuge.Decanters with slow rotation speeds are normally based on horizontal separation technology. Decanter eusure optimum separation efficiency in the case of suspensions with a very high proportion of solid. They are also used for the extraction constituents from liquids and for concentrating, dewatering and classfying solids.





Working Principle 


♦ The machine starts and speeds up automatically.
♦ When the proper working condition are met and the revolving drum reaches the feeding speed,the feeding valve opens and allows suspension which will be separated to enter into the product compartment of the spiral feeder through the feeding pipe.
♦ After the preliminary speed-up,the suspension passes the outlet of compartment and into the drum.Because of centrifugal force, the suspension in the drum is quickly divided into two phases.
♦ The heavier solid phase deposits to the inner wall of the drum and driven by the differential gear which results in the non-cynchronous movement between the spiral feeder and the drum.
♦ The solid phase will be transferred into the small end for further dehydration and finally discharged through solid phase outlet.
♦ The separated liquid flows out though the big end or will be driven out by centrifugal pump.





Polyoxyethylene resin Sulphate Diatomite Starch
Soy Protein Peanut protein Fruit juice Ammonium acid
Barium carbonate Barium sulfate Lit powder Titanium dioxide
Ore China clay Vegetable oil Citric acid
Waste oil purification Washing water purification Distiller's grains Animal fat
Blood meal Power plant sludge Printing and dyeing sludge Paper sludge
Weather desulfurization sludge Cryolite flotation liquid Activated sludge Ammonia sludge
Car wash sludge Sludge drilling mud Coal flotation waste Etc.


Our Service 


★ 12 months guarantee period from machine arriving date.
☆ Abundant spare parts in stock are available to provide.
★ Our technicians could be dispatched for overseas service.
☆ 7*24 hours technical consultation.
★ Your workers could get trained both in our factory and yours.
☆ Routine tracing till the machine work properly will be done timely.
★ We will remind you to do the normal maintenance.
☆ Your suggestions or any comments & reflection would be treated in priority.
★ Marketing team will visit you during our visit in your country if you require.



Speed (rpm) G-force



Main motor Power


Assistant motor power




Overall Size

(L × W × H)


PDC-17-4 420 3600 3042 3~15 30 7.5 2230 3331 × 990 × 1066
PDC-18-4.4 450 3300 2739 10~20 37 11 2739 4000 × 1120 × 1239
PDC-20 500 3200 2860 5~45 55 11 4400 4489 × 1160 × 1350
PDC-21 540 2800 2366 15~50 45 15 5290 4587 × 1285 × 1368
PDC-24 620 3200 3555 15-60 Hydraulic 90 8000 4650 x 2010 x 1200
PDC-28HH 720 2200 1975 15-80 110 37 9393 4800 X 1350 X 1500

Detail Images 


Industrial Separation Equipment / Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges For Sludge Dewatering 0

Industrial Separation Equipment / Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges For Sludge Dewatering 1
Industrial Separation Equipment / Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges For Sludge Dewatering 2






1. How can we visit your factory?
- If you come from aborad, air to shanghai or nanjing airport, or if you arrive shanghai, you can take bullet trian
- If you come from domestic city, air or train directly to Nanjing Nan or WUXI east, we will pick you up both from airport or railway station

2. Can we visit your end user or contact them?
- Yes, we will provide you the name list, and arrange the visit after their approval.


3. How do you protect the quality?
- As state owned enterprise with more than 100years history, we have strict operation policy,advanced processing machines to guarantee the precision, workers with operation license, related components are from world famous brand, Series of test and inspection are done in the whole producing stage.

4. Will you dispatch technicians for installation and commissioning?
- Yes, we will upon required.

5. What is your advantage compared with your competitors?
- Quality and experience, we are top centrifuge supplier in China,our designs and structure
are analogous to world leader brands.

6. Is your price competitive?
- My price is not the lowest in China, but we promise, for the same quality and collocation, my price is the
most favorable, for the same price, my quality is definately superior to other brands

7. Do you have OEM service? Do you sppply the parts?
- Yes, we do, as long as you provide us your drawing and detailed requirements

8. Do you supply second hand equipments?
- No, we don't.

9. Do you have agents or service centre abroad?
- We have some partership in several countries as Indonesia, Brzil, USA.

10. What payment mode you accept?
- TT, and LC at sight

11. Will you help to go to our site for commissioning and training?
- Yes, we can.