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Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine

Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine

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    Automatically Slag Discharging Separator - Centrifuge


    Separator Centrifuge For HFO Marine


    CCS RMS Separator Separator Centrifuge

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    Fuel Oil Separator Centrifuge
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    DO,FO,LO ,Waste Oil Treatment
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    Diesel Oil Separator
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    CCS And RMS Certificated
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    Continuous Self Cleaning Heavy Fuel Oil Marine Disc Separator Machine
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    Certificated Self Cleaning Heavy Fuel Oil Marine
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    CE / ISO
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    film + standard export wooden package
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    60 days
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    500sets/ month

Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine

Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating System With CCS And RMS Certificated Separator For HFO Marine


Company Information

We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of disc centrifuges, decanters, separation systems for land power station and container typer power plant. We focus on the necessary equipments on the power station, environmental protection, energy recycling, chemistry and etc. Now, there are over 150series of decanter centrifuges and disc separators used home and abroad.

Technical parameter:

Fuel Oil Separator is mainly used to remove water and mechanical impurities(cat fines) from diesel oil, lubricating oil, heavy fuel oil(HFO) and other mineral oil in marine diesel engine unit and land-used diesel generator unit of power station so as to reduce wear of the diesel engine and other machine, and prolong engine life.

The model is also used to separate two unsolvable liquids with different specific gravity or remove small amount of solid particle from liquid.

We have the following advantages:

1. After separation,it could reach that the maximum water content in the output is 0.3%, and the maximum solid particle is 0.03%.This is also the CCS standard.And we could provide CCS certificates and RMS certificates to prove their function and usage.

2. We could make the HFO to 720CST,the separation effect feedback is very good

3. We are the first and largest company handling industrial oils in the country, and we have been involved in setting standards for the shipyard industry

4. The oil we handle is above national standards,all Marine diesel engines on Chinese ships are supplied by us

5. Our separator can be adjusted by no specific gravity ring or specific gravity ring adjustment, automatically calculating the slag discharge time and equipped with Intelligent operating system for operating easily.

And more...

Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine 0
Discharging type Manual discharging
Max capacity L/h 14000(0# diesel oil)
Motor power Kw 11-15
N.W. kg 730
Volume of the slag cavity L 2
Discharge type Variable discharge
Type of output Centripetal pump
Installation dimension L × W × H (mm) 1200x810x1225


Other oil capacity reference chart


oil types fuel oil lubrication oil
fuel oil heavy fuel oil SAE30,40 detergence oil steam turbine oil
kinematical viscosity(mm2/s) 1.9-5.5 5.5-24 120 180 380 100-120 61.2-74.8
40°C 50°C 40°C 40°C
density/(kg/m3)(20°C) less than 900 900-991 880-900 less than 900

separating temperature


normal temperature,


90-98 80-95

recommended capcity


17500 14000 7700-8400 6300-7000 4900-5600 7000-8400 3500-4200


Product Overviews

HFO Treatment System for Power Generating Station,This system integrated in a standard 20 FT HQ and adopts IVS4 mode, that is, a set of auxiliary engine can satisfy the four sets of diesel generator unit at the same time.


Container integrated fuel oil supply &booster module , air compression module and fuel oil separation module. These three modules with their control system are relatively independent.

Container integrated HFO supply & booster module, diesel emergency supply and switch, Fuel oil booster, Light and Heavy oil automatically switching , air Compression and fuel oil separation module, and also equipped with relatively independent control system.

  • Brief introduction of fuel oil supply & booster module

This module includes heavy oil transportation, filtration, heating, booster,viscosity and temperature control ,light diesel oil emergency booster and light-heavy oil switch. Meanwhile, it is aim to ensure the oil viscosity host fed and the pressure required. And starting diesel oil emergency module while the host fails. When the host starts or stops, it switches diesel for pipeline and equipment cleaning.

  • Brief introduction of air compression module

In this module, compressor, air dryer, air filter, air bottles, valve fittings and control system are included. Air compression module is mainly used for diesel engine starting up and also used in the fuel oil supply module for discharging of the self-cleaning recoil filter and in fuel oil separation module for pneumatic three-way valve.

  • Brief introduction of fuel oil separation module

In this module, fuel oil separator is the core of heavy oil separation module and will equip with corresponding pumps and valves according to the actual requirements of customers. The control system realizes intelligent fully automatic control by PLC display and Siemens program. This module is mainly used to separate the heavy fuel oil in heavy fuel oil setting tank, and pump to heavy oil daily service tank to supply for fuel oil booster module.


PS: In addition to the three integrated modules in the container, we will also involve in oil tank, heavy and light oil transportation, oil processing and so on.

Relation application: 

Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine 1


1. Moisture sensor(No-gravity ring) technology is adopted to ensure the quality of the oil after separation.

2. Bowl with full hydraulic structure brings more thorough slage discharge, more stable and reliable performance.

3. The new type seamless belt drive(No second tensioning required) brings more reliable structure and more simplified mechanical structure.

4. High rotating speed ensure the best separation effect.

5. Our separator is with low power consumption and light weight, which is in accordance with the requirements of the national industry.


Scope of Supply
  • Complete engineering package
  • Produrement and project management
  • Powerhouse including civil works, genset's foundation, steel structure, relevant balance pf palnt equipment(air intakes, pumps and piping, exhaust stacks lo separation/filtration etc)
  • Control room and electrical room according to the site design
  • Control system, HMI and communication systems
  • Cooling system for engines
  • Optional heat recovery system

Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine 2


Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine 3Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine 4


Automatically Slag Discharging With Operating CCS RMS Separator For HFO Marine 5


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