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CBD Oil Extraction Dehydrator Separator - Centrifuge Hemp Drying Machine

CBD Oil Extraction Dehydrator Separator - Centrifuge Hemp Drying Machine

  • High Light

    oil separator centrifuge


    bag lifting centrifuge

  • Application
    Marijuana Extraction Centrifuge
  • MOC
    SS304,316 As Option
  • Control
  • Speed Control
  • Advantage
    No-base Installation
  • Discharge Type
    Top Discharge, Manual
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001& ISO14001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    Standard wooden case
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    TT,LC, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    30sets per month

CBD Oil Extraction Dehydrator Separator - Centrifuge Hemp Drying Machine

CBD Oil Extraction Dehydrator Equipment Hemp Drying Machine PPTD-50


Product review


The PPTD centrifuge is top discharging, hermetic closure type equipment. The material is fed into the drum through the feeding pipe on the hermetic closure casing; under the action of the centrifuge force field, the liquid-phase passes through the filter medium and the discharged out of the machine, while the solid-phase material is retained inside the drum and, after the machine is stopped, the material is discharged from the top. The centrifuge has such features as smooth running, easy & convenient operation as well as conducting feeding, washing and dehydrating under the state of hermetic closure, etc.

4 efferts of CBD hemp seed oil


Legalization of marijuana for madical use probiem in many countries around the world has become a hot topic of discussion.In fact ,marijuana in history is a crop with high economic output,in addication to the fibre can be used as a rope or  wearing ,seeds can be squeezed and has broad medical value ,and since the main content of Cannabidiol (Cannabidiol) and four hydrogen cannabinol(THC) were discovered,many medical USES has slowly emerged.


CBD oil’s main component:(Cannabidiol) is nearly hundred kinds of active ingredient in marijuana plants,a, and the most famous four hydrogen cannabinol (THC) ,it will not affect the psycholgical state ,and it has anti-inflammatory ,antispasmodic ,anti-oxidation ,anti-nausea and anti-anxiety, antipsychotic, such as benefit , for some refractory diseases have potential therapeutic effects (such as :intractable esilepsy,ba jin’s disorder,anxiety disorder,etc) thus gradually


What are the recommended empirical effects of CBD hemp seed oil?



A six-month study of 74 patients with intractable epliepsy under the age of 18 showed that in addition to reducing the frequency of seizures ,the use of medical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) -rich cannabidiol seed oil also resulted in varying degree of impovemen in behavior,alertness,language ,communication,motor skills ,and sleep aftertreatment.


2.Improve parkinson’s Diseaes

A double-blind,controlled study of 21 patients with parkinson’s diseaes who had no dementia or other memtal conditions found that CBD improved measures of quality of life compared with placebo(but no significant differences in motor symptoms or neurporotective benefits)


3.Beneficial schizophrenia

A systematic literature review(systematic review,including 27 research ),points out that although CBD (cannabidiol) in preclinical study was found to improve a variety of cognitive impalrment, including neurological (schizophrenia),a neurodegenerative (alzhelmer’s disease ),neuritis (meningitis,sepsis and cerebral malaria) and neurological disorders (hepatic encephalopathy and cerebral ischemia),but so far ,because of the lack of related research,CBD in formal clinical effect to the improvement of the schizophrenia is still unclear.


4.CBD and cardiovascular function

A systematic literature review and meta-analysis (including 22 studies) indicated that under controlled conditions, the use of CBD had no significant effect on blood pressure and heart rate improvement, but under stress, it had blood pressure lowering and heart rate. Effect, and found in the model of animal reperfusion injury (Ischemia reperfusion injury) can increase cerebral blood flow


Does CBD hemp seed oil have side effects?


In the current limited study, cannabisdiol (CBD) is a potentially safe (POSSIBLY SAFE) substance, and no tolerability or toxicity was observed at the appropriate dose.




Type Basket Power
Overall size
(L × W × H)
Capacity for dry hemp (kgs)
Diameter      (mm) Volume
PPTD-50 600 40 50 1500 756 3 800 1300 × 880 × 900 ~15/batch


Working steps

  • System loading: A pre-loaded closed filter bag is placed into the basket
  • Program Menu: The 'Spray Wash' or 'Agitation Wash' program is selected on the HMI where the RPM and cycle times are set to the operator’s specifications.
  • Fill: Alcohol is connected from source tank into the centrifuge.
  • The Wash cycle: The plant material undergoes an agitated wash with a set number of bi-directional agitations
  • System Draining: When the wash cycle is complete, the outlet valve is manually opened and the liquid drained. The alcohol wash is pumped to a properly rated storage reservoir for further processing.
  • Spin Dry Cycle: The 'Spin Dry' menu is selected on the HMI and the drying cycle is started. The wet plant solids are spun dry of the remaining alcohol mixture within.
  • System Unloading: Upon completion of the 'Dry cycle', centrifuge is unloaded by taking the filter bag out from the basket.
  • Repeat Process.



CBD Oil Extraction Dehydrator Separator - Centrifuge Hemp Drying Machine 0



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